Rone's episode takes him to Port Vila, the capital city of the island nation of Vanuatu, 2000kms east of Brisbane. He had previously visited in 2008, and was shocked by how close the country is to Australia, and yet, vastly different in culture. He believes his work has the ability to surprise and evoke discussion much more in Vanuatu than in his hometown of Collingwood, at the centre of Melbourne’s street art scene.

Rone aims to meet local people through his art practice and gain a deeper understanding of life on the island. Rone is joined by his best mate Callum Preston, a fellow artist and Everfresh founder, whose bold typographical work offers the perfect change for local onlookers to participate.




Instagram: @r_o_n_e


Rone is one of the most prominent figures to come from Australian street art, has been involved in the movement for over 15 years, beginning his work with Melbourne’s iconic Everfresh Studio in 2003.

Rone paints striking, realistic portraits of women. He is fascinated by textures and prefers to paint on walls with “character” - whether it be mould, broken glass or peeling paint..

Over his career he has progressed from painting his iconic “Jane Doe” character to now embracing a wider range of subjects, varying in age and race.