"When we first sat down to think of a concept for this short video in Australia we though it would be incredible to go back to where one of the first inspirations for both of us came to be artists. We would love to visit Brett Whiteley's studio together in Surry Hills, and work on a mural of his studio, as a homage to the artist and also a reflection for both of us as the journey that our artistic lives have taken us.

We were both so inspired by the freedom in his artwork as well as his technical application as a painter and drawer. To see the work of an Australian artist that wasn't too far before us to become so prolific and travel the world painting was something that planted the seed in our minds of the adventure and possibilities from living an artistic lifestyle.

Before we met each other Myla saw a large body of his work at the NGV in 1996 and Dabs had visited his studio in the late 90's in Surry Hills and we both came away from seeing his work with a truly special feeling and insight to what it is like to be an artist."

- Dabs and Myla




Instagram: @dabsmyla

Website: www.dabsmyla.com

Dabs and Myla met in art school in Melbourne in 2004. Since then they have been inseparable, both in life, having married in 2010, and in work, where they practice as an artistic duo, working as two parts of one whole.

Dabs and Myla packed up their lives and took their savings to Los Angeles in 2009, where they now reside, usually found bent over shared paintings in their Beverley Hills home studio.

They live by the old adage “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” They have seen huge success both as traditional painters and as muralists, managing to maintain balance between contemporary art institution and the commercial field.

Despite having traveled the world extensively, including trips to Asia, Europe, all over the Americas and the Pacific, they have never painted a wall in Sydney.