About the Series

Street Art is the modern populist equivalent to the traditional institutional art community; like the cinema is to the theatre; or popular music is to classical music. It’s fun, accessible; both physically and intellectually, and it’s something that connects to a young adult audience. The beauty of Street Art is you don’t need an education to appreciate it, or money to access it. Although growing in popularity, Street Art, has maintained an authentic sense of power - power to do good within a community, to say something. It’s roots sit entirely outside the traditional art institution, it has made its own rules, it’s an entirely separate strand / cultural phenomenon, and it’s a world that The Wanderers will explore from the inside.

Thanks to the advent of social media such as Instagram, street art has become a highly connected worldwide community and is a meritocracy - those who have become popular in street art have done so by being liked by a large number of their peers and the public. This culture crosses boundaries of language, race, religion, and creates nonverbal communication that can be practiced by anyone very cheaply and easily - and for that reason it appeals to a huge audience. Many of the artists practicing on the streets aren’t just “street artists”, but respected contemporary artists who also show in galleries, use all measure of different mediums and muses. This series is a step towards showing that “serious contemporary artists” and “painting on the street for free / muralism” aren’t mutually exclusive.

By creating this series we want to introduce the public to an authentic version of street art culture, told from inside the community. Each episode will essentially chronicle one Artist’s journey to create a mural for a specific area or community. In conjunction we will explore the location and how art can connect people. Widely regarded as an Urban art form we want to challenge this norm and see how Street Art can fit into a rural space or outback Australia. Working towards exploring the central concept of the show; Art = adventure.

The street art community is a largely nomadic one and the pilgrimage that these Artists make, time and time again, in search of their next wall or their next inspiration is something unique that The Wanderers will endeavor to capture.

Stylistically The Wanderers will aim to push the bounds of traditional documentary filmmaking. The aim for the series is to explore and profile the Artists and Street Art but also to create a product that could be defined as video art itself. This will not be traditional “talking heads” documentary. We will utilise hyperlapse techniques and kinetic editing to create a transformative approach to this type of storytelling and one that is perfect for the iVew / online audience.

Street Art is, in it’s purist form, an exploration of life and culture colliding to create art. The Wanderers allows us to explore this idea through the people, their art, and the communities where the work will exist. We want to tell these stories in an authentic and engaging way that explores how street art can be a ticket to see the world, but also explore how it brings the world and culture back to the people through art.

Our Crew

Drew Macdonald



Drew Macdonald has been working in Film for almost a decade in multiple disciplines including Producing, Screenwriting, and Directing. In 2015, he Associate Produced the AACTA award winning feature Documentary Only The Dead (2015) and the year before completed a directing mentorship with Peter and Michael Spierig on Predestination (2014). He has produced and directed EPK’s for Sanctum (2012), Predestination, The Nest (2016), and Only The Dead as well as numerous award winning short films, online ads, and music videos. As a Screenwriter, he currently has two feature films in development; with Blacklab International and Wolfhound Pictures respectively. He is actively developing a slate of feature and TV projects as a Producer / Writer and he currently teaches Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy, Gold Coast campus.

Selina Miles


Selina Miles is a 28 year old self-taught director and editor from Brisbane
who now travels and works full time internationally. She specialises in
the documentation of street art and graffiti, but also makes music videos and commercials. She has directed over 50 short form videos featuring artists, and her work within the commercial field has representation with agencies in New York and London. Prior to setting her sights overseas, in 2012 Selina directed several music videos for the Hilltop Hoods, one of which was nominated for Triple J’s Music Video of the Year, and another was awarded a Cinematography Award from the Australian Cinematographers Society.

Her YouTube content has amassed more than 20 million views. Her project for ABC iView will be her first series, and her first foray into the television medium.

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